Challenges and Setting Goals 

Summer is coming to a close and fall will be at our doorsteps. When I see the first line of geese flying south, and as I dig my favorite sweaters out of the bottom of my drawer, I also reminisce about the wonderful experiences and challenges during the last few months. 

One of my challenges was to improve my songwriting skills, so I moved my pen, paper, and computer in an office away from any distractions. Maggie Vaughn, our famous poet laureate, was kind enough to allow me to write in her hideaway that is filled with art, books and things of inspiration. I had the pleasure of reading and singing my songs with Maggie, she challenged me daily with the rule, "Every word counts, honey, every word counts." She is an amazing mentor and I was able to finish several tunes for my upcoming project, "The Boxcar Journal, The Story of Maggie Brooks." 

My goal has been to write as many songs for this project as possible. So I began to think outside the box for inspiration, I was lucky to run across a post from the award-winning Donna Ulisse and Jerry Salley that they were sponsoring a songwriting workshop. I decided to sign-up and attend the class. No regrets, I learned a great deal from the experience and became hopeful about finishing the "The Boxcar Journal." 

The great news is that a new door has opened and I have since written with Donna. She has been an amazing mentor as well as a co-writer! Challenges and goals, never give up on them, it’s worth the fight and there is always a way to reach them. 

That was my lesson this summer! Can’t imagine what’s to come! 

I will be keeping you posted on "Maggie Journal" information and details are to come soon!

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