Bluegrass & Blue Water Music Cruise

Welcome Aboard!

It has been a long time since I have been a part of a bluegrass music cruise. I have always enjoyed making music in such a beautiful environment while spending quality time with bluegrass listeners. For several years I made that process happen on the "Bell Buckle Music Cruise" but eventually I found that juggling motherhood, family and career was just too much on my plate.  I am thankful that this trip will allow me to bring a little bit of that Bell Buckle Music Cruise spirit to the folks of Nu-Blu’s 'Bluegrass & Blue Water Cruise.

The prospect of five days of jamming, workshops, and social time with bluegrass fans drew me to accept this opportunity to be part of this musical celebration and fun in the sun! I'm looking forward to jamming with fans and talented bands such as Gena Britt and Friends (Darren Nicholson, Ashby Frank and Beth Lawrence), the Kevin Prater Band, Nu-Blu, Dewey & Leslie Brown with the Carolina Gentlemen, and singer/songwriter Brittany Davis.

I really hope that many of you listeners and jammers will join me and my band, Liberty Pike, on this cruise. It has been a long time coming, and I want you to share some music and laughs with us just like we used to do!

Thank you and Happy Sails!
Valerie Smith

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