Good Times in New York 

That beautiful young lady in the photo is my daughter, Josie, she is 16 years old and I am so proud of her. Yesterday she passed her driver's license learner's permit and I am excited for her! I guess I will be riding shotgun next to her as she drives to school. 

We ventured to New York City a few weeks ago and had a grand time. I was nominated for "Alternative Country Music Song"  at the IMA's (International Music Association) with a Gillian Welch tune, called, "Dry Town". I recorded the song in 1998 and it was never released. At the time, the label felt that it was inappropriate for a lady to sing about drinking, so the song was put on the shelf. Well, years later, I brought it out of the shadows and released it. What a fun time it has been that the song has been so well received this year! 

I did not come home with the title at IMA's, but I brought with me great memories! Josie and I painted the town in Manhattan. She loves to experience the Korean culture, so we went to Korea town, then off to 5th Avenue....then to Sara Beth's (my favorite breakfast place). Times Square was crazy and crowded, but we managed to see people dancing, and people doing yoga, actors demonstrating stories in the street. Anything you can think was there among the big lights. 

I am getting ready to do a lot of recording this month. Next week I will be with Steve Harris of Circa Blue in the studio, recording a song called, "I Sing My Song", then a session with Tim Carter, Irene Kelly, Claire Lynch, and Jim Hurst, "From a Distance", produced by Mike Pokalsky of Midnight Mountain Music, and onto a session with Donna Ulisse this summer, a session with my company, BuckleDown Productions. I continue to do videos and release music for other artists. I will keep you posted! 

 I am so happy to be feeling well and on my feet. I'll be sure to write again! Please keep coming back! 

Val Smith 

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