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"Non-stop energy, passion included with a tremendous love for her audience."  

"Valerie has soul"

"Valerie Smith has developed her own sound, "ValGrass"...a fusion of bluegrass, roots, Americana, folk and country music." 

Valerie Smith is an award-winning Grassicana artist whose style is a mixture of bluegrass, country, and Americana music. NPR radio host Dave Higgs has noted, "She can be sassy, sultry, siren-like, sweet, smooth, soothing and smoldering---sometimes during the span of just one song!"

"From a Distance" has remained on the Bluegrass Today Grassicana, Folk and Bluegrass Today Charts for over 1 year!


Valerie Smith is a well-known Grassicana artist who blends bluegrass, country, and Americana music seamlessly. She has received multiple awards for her passionate and soulful performances. NPR radio host Dave Higgs aptly described her as "sassy, sultry, siren-like, sweet, smooth, soothing, and smoldering - sometimes just in one song!"

Valerie's music journey began when she recorded her first album, "Patchwork Heart," with Alan O'Bryant, a Grammy award-winning composer, producer, instrumentalist, and recording artist of the Nashville Bluegrass Band. The album's release included a song called Red Clay Halo, written by Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, which reached the top charts for Bluegrass Unlimited Radio Survey, Country Music, and Americana reporting, remaining on the list for five years. It was voted by the bluegrass community to be one of the top 60 songs of the decade. Valerie Smith owns Bell Buckle Records, Publishing, and Media and has produced many successful albums, including Julie Gold's Grammy-winning song "From a Distance." She has also produced a new musical called "Maggie's Journal," which will be out and included in some performances in 2024.

Valerie is working with Donna Ulisse on a new release called "Songbird Road," which will be released on Bell Buckle Records in late spring 2024. Valerie Smith and Liberty Pike have dominated the bluegrass music scene for over two decades with their electrifying performances and critically acclaimed recordings. The band's lineup includes Wally Hughes on dobro and fiddle, Lisa Kay Howard Hughes on mandolin, Joe Zauner on banjo and guitar, Stephen Hu on upright bass, and Valerie Smith on guitar and lead vocals. They are a powerhouse of talent and passion, combining traditional and contemporary styles to create a unique sound that embodies bluegrass music.

Valerie's latest album, "Renaissance," has charted on several roots, bluegrass, gospel, and country charts, showcasing her creative musical prowess with songs that touch on themes of hope, sorrow, love, and renewal.

Valerie Smith and Liberty Pike's music transcends boundaries and brings people together, creating an unforgettable experience. With numerous tour dates lined up for 2024, they continue to spread happiness and fun in the world of bluegrass music.


"Renaissance crosses through multiple musical genres while still staying true to the Valerie Smith sound that encompasses an acoustic flair with a touch of bluegrass and all with exceptional musicianship." - Keith Barnecastle, Bluegrass Standard

 "Valerie Smith’s music doesn't preen or shout; instead, it beckons listeners to come closer and simply enjoy the listening experience. A singer of nuance and an exceptional instrumentalist, she has demonstrated many times over that she can create distinctive bluegrass music with her Liberty Pike band, but with RENAISSANCE she offers us a solo album that explores her diverse musical roots. It’s music to get lost in—the soundtrack to embracing a daydream that you don’t want to snap out of providing a truly wistful respite."- Alan Cackett, Americana, Bluegrass, and Country Music Reviews

 "The album not only resonated with fans but with the media as well with rave reviews coming in from such esteemed outlets as Bluegrass Today (Bluegrass Today Renaissance Review) who wrote “Emotionally speaking, you won’t be able to stay in one place too long as you’re listening” and rambles.net, whose writer Jerome Clark named it “One Of The Best Albums Of 2021” and wrote, “Smith, it appears, is fashioning a mature style of what might be called post-bluegrass” (Renaissance rambles.net review).  

Meet the band "Liberty Pike"

Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike

Joe Zauner (Banjo, Guitar), Wally Hughes (Dobro, Fiddle, Vocals), Tom Gray (Bass, Vocals)  Valerie Smith (Vocals, Guitar), Lisa Kay Howard Hughes (Vocals, Mandolin)

Valerie Smith is an award-winning Grassicana artist whose style combines blAre you a fan of bluegrass music? Then you must check out Valerie Smith and Liberty Pike Bluegrass Energy! Valerie is a renowned Grassicana artist who blends bluegrass, country, and Americana music effortlessly. She has been recognized with numerous awards for her soulful and passionate performances. 
NPR radio host Dave Higgs has aptly described her as "sassy, sultry, siren-like, sweet, smooth, soothing, and smoldering - sometimes just in one song!" With non-stop energy and love for her audience, Valerie's music is an incredible experience that amazes you. Valerie has recorded several projects, performed globally, and featured on various radio and television shows. She is a music instructor who offers educational programs on songwriting, voice, bluegrass history, and performance techniques. Don't wait any longer; head to her website and discover the magic of Valerie Smith's music! You won't regret it.
Liberty Pike is Valerie's touring band. They are seasoned, talented musicians and have recorded several music projects. The band offers an educational program and enjoys reaching out to the fans. Members of Liberty Pike include Wally Hughes, Lisa Kay Howard Hughes, Joe Zauner, and Tom Gray. This line-up of "Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike" has been going strong for 7 years. They have also developed a fan base and following within the bluegrass and Americana community. Each member is an active part of organizations, jamming and playing music professionally regularly.

Where does the band name come from?

Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike

Take a Sunday drive on Liberty Pike, near Bell Buckle, TN


"Renaissance" charts #2 on the FAI Folk Chart as well as hit #22 on the Roots Music Report Contemporary Bluegrass Album chart, week of October 2, 2021, and tracks from the album were also charting well.  “Heart Of Sorrow” debuted at #12 on the RMR Contemporary Bluegrass singles chart week of October 2, 2021, “Heartbreak Hill” hit #15 on the Bluegrass Today Grassicana singles chart week of October 2 and October 8, 2021, and “Enter In” debuted at #8 on the Bluegrass Today Gospel singles chart week of October 8, 2021.  It’s advanced single “I Found” debuted at #5 on the Roots Music Report chart, #7 on the Bluegrass Today Grassicana Chart, and #8 on the FAI Folk DJ Chart in June 2021, and Renaissance was the most downloaded album on Airplay Direct in August.

"A master mistress of roots music, this breath of fresh air will really hit you, especially if you haven't heard her before. With the right touch and the right sound this is a stone cold killer throughout.” — Chris Spector, Midwest Record

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