From the recording Renaissance

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Mid-tempo / Contemporary Bluegrass / Folk 
ISRC: TCAFQ2109635  
Written by Valerie Smith, Ashely Lewis  
Published by Buckle Down Publishing, BMI, ASHCACHE MUSIC PUBLISHING—BMI  
Acoustic Guitar:  Cody Kilby  
Upright Bass:  Evan Winsor  
Fiddle:  Steven Burwell  
Mandolin:  Andy Leftwich  
Banjo:  Tim Carter  
Harmony Vocals: Lisa Kay Howard Hughes, Wally Hughes 
Ashely Lewis and I wrote this song based on an excerpt from my great grandmother Maggie Brooks' journal which I found in an old trunk about 7 years ago. She had finally escaped from a violent marriage and learned how to earn her own money by doing various jobs. Maggie ended up being a very successful businesswoman in Plattsburg, MO., owning and operating a general store and a hotel. She was pretty proud to earn her own dollars and rise above her many early life challenges.