1. Unchained

From the recording Renaissance

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Slow Tempo Acoustic Blues  
ISRC: TCAFQ2109640 
Written by Jude Johnstone 
Acoustic Guitar:  Bob Minner  
Upright Bass:   Dave Roe  
Dobro: Rob Ickes  
Synth Strings:  Kevin McKendree  
Harmony Vocals:  Tanya Dennis  
Fiddle:  Stephen Burwell 
"Unchained" is another powerfully written song written by Jude Johnstone. It was actually one of the final songs that Johnny Cash released and I'm proud to cover it on my latest album. During the pandemic, emotions were high and turbulent, and I reflected upon many things. This song is about being truthful with yourself and trying to become a better, stronger person.  Once we can see ourselves clearly, we can become unchained from the perceptions that hold us back from loving relationships with ourselves and others.